solar eclipse new moon in cancer

solar eclipse new moon in cancer

New moons are powerful times for setting intentions and manifesting, they represent new beginnings, a blank slate of sorts... Symbolically the moon represents our inner emotional world, the subconscious mind, which rules our physical body, and guides our inner voice(s).


This new moon is super charged by the solar eclipse, and this directly charges our emotions... Compounded by the fact the transiting north node is in Gemini is conjunct to the new moon and sun in cancer. Cancer moon/sun are at 0 degrees with the north node just trailing behind, but within the 7 degree orb.  So what does this all mean?


The North node in Gemini is important information to incorporate into this moment.  Gemini north node is beckoning us to communicate and use our voices, share our information, and share dual perspectives! Gemini is so inquisitive and curious, which is ruled by Mercury - Mercury is currently in retrograde for the next several weeks - all this beckons you to do is re-view, re-vise, re-evaluate, finish up the old projects, educate yourself, and look deeper into your own house.


We have many planets currently in Rx, Mercury, Venus which we feel closer to us on a personal level (both inner planets, check your natal chart placement).. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde which affect the collective energies. 


All this retrograde energy, it’s a slowing of the forward drive that we are used to..  It’s a time for checking in on what your emotions and stories are telling you about these feelings, re-evaluate these ‘stories’ really means to go within. 


Cancer new moon is a time to dive deep into the feels and listen to your emotions and the emotions of OTHER people as well. The EMPATHY of these times is what is connecting us and empowering the movement for social justice.


This energy loop created by the eclipse season will set the tone for the next six months.  There is such high potential for growth on the personal level AND the collective this year, as we have learned so much about ourselves, our  undeniable connection to others. We are marking time with each lunation, and now we are  half way through 2020... what will the next six months bring?



If you are manifesting clarity for what you are calling in during this powerful time is a must. Manifesting your desires is great to do anytime, and new moons hold an excellent space for these intentions.  

However the eclipses can bring a heady energy that can be too chaotic, and my advice would be to check in with your gut, listen to your intuition on moving forward with it. The conjunction between the sun and moon during an eclipse creates a highly charged moment, with lasting sensitivity to the super conscious realms. 

Again clarity is key, and doing the inner work and feeling into where you are, and how you are processing these moments - this is who I am, this is how I want to progress, this is the direction I want to walk in my life.

What are these moments seeking to teach me?

This is an energy where we really want to listen to our intuition, and focus on meditation and slowing down and surrendering. 

We are so in the nature of controlling our routine, and always on the go-go-go... and what this lunation energy is about is letting go of and trusting in the process of embodiment, which comes from our subconscious mind, and the like vibration will meet yours. 


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