The first lunar eclipse in 2020

The first lunar eclipse in 2020


I love the moments in time when you take a minute to look up in awe at the beauty in the sky of a lunar eclipse. Or, if you follow more closely, being able to see it as a benchmark, a return or release of energy and time. Symbolically, the moon is something we have reflected upon for millennia. There is no time for humans that the moon did not satellite the earth. 

The moon is part of us and is our closest reminder of the cosmos beyond our blue sky.

The waxing and waning of the moon, the passage of time, the myths attributed to the phases of the moon are so potent.


I created my first moon phase ringin 2012 as part of my first collection, writing in my sketch book and thinking about how satisfying the design is to look at, as well as contemplating the ancient symbolism of it all.

Since that time, I have been honored to share the moon phase ring with so many of you and have personalized it with so many different gemstones in the center to mark the full moon.

This ring is ceremonial and celestial, it truly encapsulates the vision of my work.

I've recently had an amazing customer customize this moon phase ring into a larger statement ring, with the phases of the moon stretching over a sparkling white opal, and custom constellations carved into the sides.

I mention all this as a personal reflection and how I'm often so amazed at how this work has evolved, from sketching with pencil and paper in my notebook to making an object that will be cherished for generations. Similar to the waxing growth of the moon itself.

It's truly an artists dream to create work so meaningful and timeless.

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