full moon in aquarius - let's charge up

full moon in aquarius - let's charge up

Somehow we have made it to August, into the final full month of summer - and now found ourselves in that strange limbo, on the precipice of fall. I’m feeling how different that is, and isn’t, this year.  Some have said that August will be the most chill month of 2020 - and so I’ll just go ahead and not question it because, doesn’t that sound amazing??

If we’ve learned anything this year it’s that the world can rapidly change, the last six months have been SO MAJOR… why can’t the next five or six be excellent? This full moon in Aquarius could usher in the energy we ‘need’ for a positive change, as this month is likely the calm before the storm. 

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, and we can use this full moon to harness it’s massive creative energy to pivot into action.  Full moons are times of release,  generally speaking in manifesting what we desire we must FIRST RELEASE what is no longer serving us, to make space for CALLING IN what we desire. 

This is the first full moon since the eclipse sequences of early summer. We have the green light to move into our rituals and declarations with full hearts and connect to the energy of transformation. 

If you have Aquarius in your chart this will hit you more deeply, but it will be felt collectively. Aquarius has a futuristic vibe to it, so you may be getting new insight into what the next season will bring, shifting and drawing up new plans and connections.

When we have full moons we can clear and charge our crystals or talismans with the moonlight. I wrote a lengthy article about it during the new moon in Leo, if you want to read it here...

There are a lot of ways to clear the energy from a piece of jewelry or from a crystal.  You can use selenite stone to clear with white light, and moonlight from the full moon to charge the objects with that energy. You can also use sound vibrations from a singing bowl to clear your crystals or spaces, and then create your ritual with the full moon in that space and to connect with and call in your desires. 

Tonight I will be cleansing and charging my crystals and jewelry, it’s an important part of psychic hygiene to care for your crystals and the metals and minerals that you wear each day. 



Create your own ritual space, get a clear glass or wooden bowl of clean water if you can from a stream or lake but faucet is fine too!  Leave the bowl of water in the moonlight, leave the crystals in the moonlight, on the ground if possible, or on a piece of wood or natural substance. Same for your jewelry. They will absorb the energy of the reflected light into these objects and become imbued with the directions you desire.

Allow yourself some stillness, in your sacred space to connect with and think about the energy you have created.  With meditation you create space in your heart center to move through your day with peace and calm focus, with devotion to truth and purpose. You can use the water for ceremony the next day, or give it back to the earth, or water your flowers, or if it's filtered faucet you can drink it.

Simple connection to the earth, water, air and moon will center your heart space. Think about the intentions you have and how those are meshed into the vibration of the newly cleansed jewelry and crystals.


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