Happy New Moon in Pisces

Happy New Moon in Pisces

Happy new moon everyone!

We are in Pisces season, it's oh so official - so ALLOW yourself to get deep and feel into your dreams and desires... start plotting how you can incorporate them into your reality and day to day life.

If that feels too linear, just remember that every bit counts and the practice of reaching back into our subconscious helps us imprint the path to and from. Repetition!

This kind of work speaks to all of us, and is something often overlooked, muffled or sabotaged when we are overwhelmed by the mundane... but when we create space and allow these dream bubbles to float without judgement we look objectivelywithout our usual filters and ask better questions about our dreams, visions and alignment.

Pisces season is also 12th house season! The 12th house is said to be ruled by Pisces as it is the last and final sign of the zodiac.. Ruler of the Abyss, the Unknown, the subconscious, of transcendence, of dreams, of symbolism and intuition.

I will be sharing more writings specifically on this subject in the near future and in upcoming research projects for my bespoke Astrology project called Line + Symbol.

Many blessings, and wishing this message lands well with you x



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