how to program the energy of your jewelry

how to program the energy of your jewelry

Hello my loves,

We have officially made it through eclipse season, the chaotic energy is behind us (maybe?) - yet we may still be reeling from the changes taking place all around us. I know personally I am still getting my bearings back in check, as much as they can be this year.

So the goal is to view with fresh eyes, see our surroundings with new eyes.  With this Cancer moon that means looking inward as well, and checking in with our inner landscape and what is that terrain at this moment.. Get grounded and connect with your heart, your love, what your deepest desires are, and what is connecting most deeply with you right now. We as a collective are ALL going through this, I know with parts of the country reopening now it *almost* brings us back to the summers we used to know. The way we interact with each other is different but we still yearn for each other and to connect and RELAX on some levels. Part of yearning for connection is also ALLOWING the connection, even if it’s unfamiliar or different..  So how can we open our hearts again to this new world?


This new moon is one where we can really (finally!) work with the energy and set some intentions and manifest our dreams. This can look like creating a daily ritual if you don’t already have one, and getting heart centered and intentional with the energy you desire to work on until the next lunation. Many of us are looking forward to the future with new values and perspectives, maybe we have realized we need to change course, with work, with family, or with our home.

I love using jewelry as a touchstone for energy work. You can intentionally program the pieces you wear with the energy you want to manifest. One way to do this is first to clear the energy of your jewelry. This is good practice to do day to day, as we absorb the energy from daily interactions, emotions, environments etc, and that is absorbed into the gemstones and metals/minerals that you may wear. This is also good psychic hygiene for when you receive a new piece of jewelry that you plan to wear, everyday or for a special moment, as it has traveled far from its origin and by clearing and re-programming it, you can give that piece of jewelry a frequency and job to do. 


Gold is the most healing and protective mineral,’The Master Healer’, it has been said to balance energy fields particularly with third eye chakras. It can also aid in opening the heart chakra. Gold magnifies the energies of the gemstones set in them.  If the piece of gold jewelry you wear also has diamonds, for example, they are an intense amplifier of that diamond energy (crown chakra). If you also have a gemstone such as a moonstone or hypersthene, then you would be working with all three of those innate metaphysical properties on a magnified level.. 


You can clean/clear your pieces using moonlight on a full moon (not eclipse lunations) or using a selenite stone. You can incorporate the jewelry in a crystal grid that supports your intentions, for example, if you are calling in abundance and self love, or focus and resilience, you could lay out your jewelry within grids of various crystals that naturally align with those energies. You can also work with a tuning fork or singing bowl to clear the vibration of the jewelry, and then speak to the intentions and frequencies that you’d like to instill into the piece itself. This is the same process you would use to change and reprogram crystals and gemstones. 

Let me know how this lands with you, I will write more about this subject and devote more to sharing this practice with my audience. I feel it's so beneficial to bring awareness to the energy we wear.

Much love,


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