on eclipses

on eclipses


We are entering eclipse season and the first solar eclipse happening is today, December 26th, in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is typically identified with hard work, success, major organization and serious attitude of getting the job done. This is an excellent time for visualization, for setting intentions, establishing the frame work for your year ahead and allowing yourself to dream big

The way we use our mind and visually train our subconscious is such a deep study in and of itself and a topic for another time..



All I know is that in the past I had rarely, if ever, set aside time for myself. Many of you know I am a momma to two very sweet little boys.. so that coupled with being a small business owner getting up on my feet, I was in a constant reactive state of putting out small fires and just managing my current situation. It felt somewhat out of control, misaligned and exhausting...

Now, there IS an endless list of things that are out of our control, but intentionally focusing on what we CAN control is where the gold is. We can dream, we can visualize, we can smile, we can place our hand over our hearts, we can vote, we can set personal goals, we can forgive, we can allow happiness, we can determine who we allow in our heart, we can choose vulnerability.We can respect small action steps toward our visions and dreams.Eclipses bring up a lot of emotion and if we harness that inner power it can be a potent time to reflect and send our intentions out to the universe.

In the past, I felt some trepidation with fully embracing what I now understand as a cosmic connection and sensitivity to the subconscious, which is mapped in my natal chart so poetically.

 What is mystical is not exclusive to some. It resides within us all.

My wish is that by writing more of my experiences like this and creating these mystical expressions through adornment, this will empower and connect you to your own inner power and love. This is my message on the first solar eclipse of the season.

Please let me know how this lands with you xx




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