On visualizations

On visualizations


I understand the timing of this message, the new year and the reset button.. the resolutions the restrictions. This is not what I would like to talk about today.

What's amazing today, andeveryday, is the power of the intentions we set. I know that the more intentional and specific I have become with my vision and intentions the more quicklyrealizationhappens. Actually visualizing the outcome, your dream/goal/vision, trains your subconscious tobelieveit's possibility.


Athletes use visualization ALL the time as part of training... practicing SEEING the VISION of actually crossing the finish line, making the shot, your personal best time, of winning.


So this year I consciously made time in my life to ask these questions of myself, about where I wanted to grow and what I want to be, why I was making the work, how I can be of service... and the answers within stirred up amazing up leveling visions. Looking inward, I was called to change the name of my business, that alone was huge identity shift and so liberating. With that I felt embraced by the universe and empowered to share my work and my words with you all, rather than keep it to myself. I felt a new inspiration to complete my unfinished collections, despite the endless list of 'reasons' why I couldn't. Believe me; if I allow myself to dive into the reasons why 'I can't' I could stay there for years, and I've already been there done that. 


Moving out of a reactive 'day to day' state of consciousness and zooming out to look from the skyline was a necessary + welcome break from physical-ego state and moving out toward spirit. It's heady stuff I supppose. There are so many moments in our lives that the magic is potent, and we all benefit from checking in with ourselves and seeing 'where am I going, what do I no longer need to carry?and who can I help?'


That magic is always at the ready, not just when we hang a new calendar.


This is what inspires me to make this work, and why I made the Manifestation pendant. It is a tangible reminder and talisman for the vision we hold in our heart, that we have the power to raise our energy to meet our vision. The intention is made in your heart and worn as a souvenir from your journey inward. Wear with love.





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