Penumbral Eclipse in Capricorn

Penumbral Eclipse in Capricorn

Hey friends,


I hope you all are well and staying safe these days.


This weekend’s full moon penumbral eclipse in Capricorn marks the final eclipse in this incredible summer eclipse season.  The past several new moons/full moons sequences have, for many, felt like a quickening of personal awakenings and transitions. We have been confronted with themes of examining our values, our emotions, our histories, our personal stories and beliefs.. Beginning in the inquisitive megaphone of Gemini vibes, and going deep into the feelings of Cancer season, and Canceran themes of home life, relationships, selflessness and family/caretaking, and deep into our inner emotional world. 


And now with this final eclipse that is transiting Capricorn, this is the time where we are going to focus those lessons.. This weekend’s eclipse is all about integrating these lessons of the past six months, pushing forward and taking action through to the rest of the year. Capricorn is about purpose and ambition, so to translate, we are called to put the themes that have come up for us in the last few eclipse cycles and put them into tangible ACTIONS.




Please note that Mercury is still retrograde, so I would like to remind that we are not out of the weeds yet, so let this energy settle in until at least July 15 when Mercury goes direct again and we are completely out of the retro-shade.


And speaking of Action this flows into another big theme that will carry through the rest of 2020 - One of our ‘personal’ planets is now entering a new transit, where the planet Mars will transit into and through its native sign Aries for about the next six months. 


I’ll explain what this means:


Mars will be in Aries until late November this year, and normally does not stay in one sign for such a long period of time. But because it will retrograde for a spell, it will reside in its native placement for much longer. 




We are all going to FEEL THIS, as a collective, in a major, major way. I’ve read many interesting interpretations about what this might bring, a restructuring of power on a grander scale, an explosion of opportunities, and a personal fire for your own ambitions and clarity on moving forward towards your soul purpose. 


So my loves, I would invite you to get clear on your intentions over the next 10 days or so, sit with, examine, and journal what this eclipse season has brought to light for you with the shifting energy. And then get yourself ready to DECLARE to the Universe, God, or whatever you identify with, what it is you desire, what you no longer want in your life, and what you stand for. Particularly for the rest of 2020 as this will be a time of massive cosmic momentum and force behind our actions! 


Consider your rituals and your talismans, what reminds you of your intentions x





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