Happy full moon everyone!


This full moon is actually a 'supermoon' which means that the moon is at it's perigee, or closest to the earth. There is quite a distinction between the apogee (furthest) and perigee (nearest) that is impressive, and far too long to walk :0) If you're interested, look up superimposed images of apogee and perigee moons and you can see how different they are... minimoon < supermoon... It's really incredible!


This full moon supermoon is the first of *four* consecutive supermoons, which I've been reading is a powerful occurrence.

These sequences can bring on a higher intensity if you're tuned in and the reverb from this time lasts much longer.



If you feel like so many things are shifting for you, it is because this truly IS a powerful time!! Embrace it with the knowledge that all the work you do will bring more light to your dreams, and feed your spirit.


We are in the cold month of February, and with Pisces season on the horizon I totally feel a sense of looking inward and finding a cozy place in shadow of it's Piscean deep waters and the 12th house that rules that sense of intuition and extra dreamy wisdom...

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