What is the meaning of 'something blue'? Rhymes and magical correspondences

What is the meaning of 'something blue'?  Rhymes and magical correspondences

What is the meaning of ‘something blue’?

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” 

Ever wondered where this saying originated?

This tradition dates back to 19th-century England and says that a bride should have each of these items on her wedding day.

Over the years, the meaning behind each item has varied, but there are a few popular theories we can agree on:

  • "Something old" symbolizes your connection to the past
  • "Something new" represents a positive and optimistic future 
  • "Something borrowed" is intended to bring good luck 
  • The color blue (our personal favorite) symbolizes love and truth

So, why are we obsessed with blue gemstones at 12th House? 

  • The color blue corresponds to the throat chakra and actively opens your channels for communication, to speak clearly, and get your message across. 
  • Blue-colored gemstones, blue flashes in rainbow moonstones, turquoise, and tourmalines. There’s an endless palette of blue to inspire you.
  • Blue brings out feelings of peace and calm. It’s soothing and Blue is the color of natural elements, the sky, and the ocean, corresponding with earth energy. 

Blue can create harmony with your emotions and intentions.

  • Blue is the color of inspiration and spirituality. Wear it to feel confident and connected.
  • Blue is the color of the sky, calming and serene. Wear it to feel peaceful and balanced.
  • Blue is the color of the ocean, rhythmic and soothing. Wear it to feel calm and lucid.

From calm spirituality to confidently balanced, there’s every reason to add something blue to your life. 

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