what's your sun sign?

what's your sun sign?

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Here is the complete list of Dates for the Zodiac Signs: 


 ARIES   March 21- April 20

 TAURUS ⬦ April 21- May 20

 GEMINI  ⬦ May 21 - June 20

 CANCER  ⬦ June 21 - July 22

  LEO   ⬦ July 23 - August 22

 VIRGO  ⬦ August 23 - September 22

  LIBRA ⬦ September 23 - October 22

  SCORPIO  ⬦ October 23 - November 22

  SAGITTARIUS  ⬦ November 23 - December 21

 CAPRICORN  ⬦ December 22 - January 19

 AQUARIUS  ⬦ January 20 - February 19

  PISCES  ⬦ February 20 - March 20



Often times when you think about your personal zodiac sign you are referring to your sun sign, or rather, what sign the sun was transiting at the moment you were born.

This is easy to find because we all know our birthdate and can easily find the zodiac season that corresponds to the calendar.


We often identify with our sun signs, the sun symbolizes our ego, but a 1,000 years ago we would not have necessarily identified with our sun sign but rather identify with the rising sign or ascending sign -  a.k.a. the sign/constellation that was rising on the horizon the moment you were born.

Astrology is poetry, and the deeper you explore your personal cosmic blueprint the more beauty, complexity, contradictions and ancestry comes to light.

Come explore further with me with a Sun, Moon and Rising reading exclusive to the holiday season.



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