The 12th House belongs to our personal astrology, it holds space for the subconscious, for the mystical that resides in us all.

The astrological houses reside in a cosmic wheel, like the hours on a clock. Each house has its own meaning, reflecting themes and aspects of our lives as conscious beings.

The 12th house is the last house in this wheel, the house of artistic vision and fundamental symbolism, intuition and transcendence.

These designs are created as a reminder to you through adornment of how uniquely powerful you are, and to enjoy and celebrate this mystery.

Designed to amplify your personal magic through key symbolism, sacred geometry, and magical colorways through physical talismans and ceremonial jewelry.  

To tell your story, celebrate your parnerships, tie your bonds and amplify your magic.

Through intuition and artistic practice we materialize the impressions of idealism and dreams.
This is the vision of 12th HOUSE.



Kelly Lannen is the Artist, Designer and Goldsmith behind 12th HOUSE.

She believes that the mystical resides in us all, and connecting to our magic is a powerful daily practice. This sacred connection can be made and enhanced by adornment, one of the most ancient forms of human expression.

She draws inspiration for her jewelry work from a deep well of art history and love of learning new languages, most recently the language of astrology and the cosmos.

A lifelong artist who grew up outside Detroit, Michigan, Kelly studied Fine Art at University of Michigan and was a double major in the School of Art and Design as well as Literature, Science & the Arts with an emphasis in French language and literature.

Upon graduating with her BFA, she was granted a scholarship and moved to New York City in 2002 to study Sculpture at the prestigious New York Academy of Art, founded by Andy Warhol. Her MFA thesis project was awarded the Brady Travel Grant for Artistic Excellence, and she was selected to compete in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Contest.

In her 18 years of working and living in New York City, Kelly has worked with numerous artists and exhibition projects. From restoring the Cast Antiquties Collection at NYAA to creating balloon sculptures for Jeff Koons, these experiences have honed her hand skills and sharpened her eye for design and proportion.



Handmade in New York City using only high quality 100% SLS recycled precious metals, we partnered with a family run casting house that prides itself on sustainable techniques and keeping their carbon footprint small.

We choose only quality gemstones that are ethically sourced, from lapidaries using fair practices.

Diamonds are hand selected for highest quality and are certified to be conflict-free through the Kimberley Process.

These standards are what makes our jewelry unique -- to tell your unique story to share with generations to come.

Each piece is made by hand just for you. We have a variety of approaches to the creative process. Many pieces are carved from wax, made as a small sculpture and then cast in recycled metals using the ancient art of lost wax casting.

When precision and geometric accuracy are integral to the design, pieces are rendered using the latest technology to print and finished by hand with traditional jewelry practices.

Just as the clothes you wear everyday enhances your outlook and energy -- jewlery has the power to do that tenfold.  

Working one on one with clients to expand into their highest visions through adornment is the utmost focus.

It is that powerful and potent.



We are here to help guide you through the process of creating something truly magical, and are happy to talk with you about customizing these pieces.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, but unsure of where to begin, please don't hesitate to schedule a call with us!