Caring for your jewelry

Over time it is normal for a natural patina to occur in silver and even 14k gold jewelry. To deter this process we suggest you follow these guidelines in care.

  • Please remove your jewelry before bathing or swimming, using household cleaning products or applying cosmetics or lotions. Exposing the metal to any harsh chemical will encourage tarnish.


gemstone care

To clean your gemstones use some gentle dish soap and a soft bristle toothbrush to gently remove any built up residue or tarnish. Also we recommend doing this over a bowl and not in the sink, just to be cautious and not lose a piece down the drain!


ring care

  • Another great way to keep your jewelry looking like new is to use a small polishing cloth. It lasts forever and works on all metals to remove all oils from daily wear and shine your pieces.
  • Storing your jewelry is important too, preferably in a pouch or a lined jewelry box to keep out humidity and dust.
  • It is always good practice to take your rings off at night as well, to give the skin on your fingers a chance to breathe.


metal allergies

If you have a nickel allergy, rest assured our white gold alloy is *nickel free* !

  • All metals including chains, findings, posts and backings are solid gold, unless otherwise stated as solid sterling silver. We do not use any plated chains or vermeil in our designs.
  • We only use solid cast recycled metals in our designs as it reduces the carbon footprint of the process and has zero deleterious effects on the quality of the jewelry itself.


    -Read more about our sustainable practices here-