Kelly star Lannen

A life long artist who grew up outside Detroit, Michigan, Kelly studied Fine Art at University of Michigan and was a double major in the School of Art and Design as well as Literature, Science & the Arts with an emphasis in French language and literature.

Upon graduating with her Bachelor's in Fine Arts, she was granted a scholarship and moved to New York City in 2002 to study at the prestigious New York Academy of Art, focusing her gaze solely on figurative sculpture. Her Masters thesis project was awarded the Brady Travel Grant for artistic excellence, and she was selected to compete in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Contest. 

She draws inspiration for her jewelry work from a deep well of art history and love of learning new languages, most recently the language of astrology and the cosmos.

Kelly believes that the mystical resides in us all, and connecting to our magic is a daily practice. This sacred connection can be made and enhanced by adornment, one of the most ancient forms of human expression.