What is the meaning of OUROBOROS?

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Creativity and inspiration, symbolized by the snake’s unbroken circle, have made the Ouroboros a beloved motif and symbol for creative people, empaths, seers, healers, artists, teachers, muses, and those who think differently.

Powerful, beautiful, mysterious Ouroboros. What is it about the Ouroboros, the serpent eating its tail, that we find fascinating? Enchanting?

The earliest use of the Ouroboros in jewelry can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians when sketches werediscovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The longevity and widespread acceptance of this symbol as archetype and myth makes it even more fascinating.

Ouroboros is derived from the Greek root “ouro” which means tail, and “boros” which means eating. So literally, it’s a creature, most often a snake or a serpent, but sometimes a dragon, devouring its tail.

Ouroboros is one of the most ancient symbols of creation, rebirth, and renewal, symbolized by the unbroken circle created by the snake. We sometimes fear the snake and revere it, which makes this symbol of duality, or of dual meanings such as : death and rebirth, as above - so below, light and shadow, mysterious and meaningful.

For centuries, the Ouroboros has held numerous different meanings across different religions and cultures. Ancient Mediterranean cultures invoked the symbol of the ouroboros as a representation of eternal life.  Occultists throughout history have thought the serpent to be a symbol of alchemy, the fifth element or ‘quintessence,’ the invisible life force or spirit that perpetually transforms itself through the cycle of destruction and re-creation.

In my years of studying art history and symbolism, I've seen these and many more interpretations of the power of the Ouroboros snake across cultures as an archetypal or iconic symbol evoking a particular meaning in the human subconsciousness. 

Regardless of interpretation, the belief in the symbolism and power of the Ouroboros is the one thing that has remained constant throughout history.

 Ouroboros jewelry is personal and significant to those who wear it.

Ouroboros jewelry can symbolize your personal spiritual journey, to remind you of your unbroken path.  You feel the circular connection symbolized by the Ouroboros; the circle and eclipse echo through the cosmos, as the unbroken orbits in our solar system and the spinning of atoms.

You might wear our Ouroboros Ring as an eternity ring, genuinely symbolic of the never-ending connection you have to yourself or your personal partnerships.

Our Ouroboros Necklace was designed for you as a talisman charm, to be worn as a  reminder of your continued wellspring of creativity.

Ouroboros represents our connection to the cosmos, from each movement of the planets to the spiraling cycles within every atom. Our Ouroboros Sapphire Necklace serves as a guide through your meditation to realign you on your path.  

We experience the snake's cyclical power with each movement of the planets or changing of the tide, and we feel it most in the regenerative circle of life. Our Blue and Green Tourmaline Ouroboros Charms are an elegant, symbolic reminder of your renewed vitality and power.

The desire for a life with vigor and vitality perpetuates the symbolism of the serpent and the fascination with Ouroboros adornment.

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