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Cosmic ouroboros necklace

The Cosmic Ouroboros: symbol of the cyclicality of life, a mandala of alchemy.

Re-imagined here as the 'Cosmic Egg', the symbolic world origin in many ancient religions. The snake eating its own tail is known as one of the oldest symbols representing infinity, creativity and magic.


Winter 22/23

Fine Ouroboros Edit ouroboros pendant 14k yellow gold / emeralds / 16 inch chain The Cosmic Ouroboros Necklace

These distinct collections are designed to amplify your personal magic through symbolism, sacred geometry, and magical colorways.

Exquisite gold vessels to pour your magic into.

- Kelly Lannen, Designer/Jeweler

about 12th house

Our fine jewelry is designed and crafted in our private art studio from a rich tradition of design, symbolism and geometric patterns that evoke and amplify your personal magic

Meet the artist

Ceremonial and Celestial

Unique engagement rings

The Midheaven collection

White diamond and magical gemstone solitaire statement rings, reimagined with bold contours and divine proportions.

Truly unique and timeless designs that are brilliantly comfortable to wear.

made in NYC

designed in house

12th HOUSE is an independent design house based in New York City.

At the heart of the studio resides designer & fine artist Kelly Lannen, MFA, A.J.P., a professional sculptor. Through these collections she has distilled her singular vision that fine jewelry worn close to the body is the most ancient and true form of art, made to empower the wearer.

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reclaimed sources

100% scs recycled gold

Each piece of jewelry is crafted with the finest recycled prescious metal alloys.

By alloying only high quality 100% SLS recycled precious metals, we are partnered with a family run casting house that prides itself on sustainable techniques and keeping their carbon footprint small.

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gemstone sourcing

Our select diamond and gemstone sourcing process - we work one on one with clients to select their perfect natural or lab grown diamonds. Our inventory is live and updated daily.

Sourcing colored gemstones and sapphires with known traceable origins is priority, with 'Earth to Market' documentation, allows us to ensure the highest quality, as well as support fair trade practices as one of our core values.

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