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tiny hours talismans


the tiny hours talismans

Introducing the Tiny Hours Collection - a celebration of small yet significant moments in life.

The charms, with their distinctly designed cut-through silhouettes, embody a range of symbols - from the ethereal crescent moon to the mystic keyhole. Made in 14k recycled gold or platinum, each charm showcases a unique and powerful symbol that resonates with life's greatest changes that begin in the margins of our day.

high vibe

one of a kind

Sustainable Elegance: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every charm, crafted exclusively from recycled gold and platinum, ensuring both beauty and responsibility coexist in our creations.

Personalized Narratives: With the option to engrave alpha-numeric symbols on select sizes, the Tiny Hours Collection becomes a canvas for your personal story, making each piece uniquely yours.

Collectible and Stackable: Each charm is designed not just to stand alone but to be part of your greater narrative. Stack them to create a layered look that tells your individual story.

Luxe pouchette: Every charm is presented in a luxe microfiber envelope, making it a perfect gift ready to be cherished by someone special or a luxurious treat for yourself.

Versatile Wear: These charms are crafted to slide on a chain, and can also be worn as a hoop charm or even on a bracelet.

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