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gemstone directory

Hand selected for their unique colorways, geometry and magic, with traceable origins.

These precious gemstones are ideal for creating one of a kind talismans or rings.

one of a kind

These gemstones are selected for their very unique shapes and color-ways

traceable origin

Gemstone region and origin details included for every piece

magical geometry

Our criteria for gem selection is specific to magical correspondences

literally and metaphysically

about sapphires


Revered as symbols of wisdom, protection, and spiritual enlightenment, these gemstones are believed to stimulate intuition and enhance one's connection to the divine. Whether used in meditation or as personal talismans, sapphires have a profound resonance that transcends the material world.


Comprising the mineral corundum, sapphires gain their enchanting blue color from trace elements of iron and titanium. These precious stones are not only prized for their vivid hues but also for their durability, boasting a hardness second only to diamonds. The formation of sapphires requires specific geological conditions, often taking millions of years as the crystals develop deep within the Earth's crust.

gem origin

In a world where ethical sourcing is of paramount importance, our gem partner stands as a beacon of transparency when it comes to sapphire origin. This dedication to openness not only supports the well-being of miners and the environment but also allows wearers to forge a deeper connection with their jewelry, knowing that it carries not only the beauty of the gem itself but also the integrity of its source.


one of a kind magic

1.  Choose Your Gemstone and Customization- Select from our curation of rare, one of a kind sapphires and diamonds with traceable origins, and magical colorways.   Choose how you envision wearing this gemstone - perhaps a custom Amulet, a Midheaven Ring, or something totally different.  

2.  Post - purchase Outreach - We will contact you after purchase to set up a design meeting to discuss the direction of the piece you're envisioning.

3.  Design Consultation -  We meet and discuss the design direction based on the gemstone. Together we go over all the project details, budget, timeline, and then accept payment for the project.

If you are looking for a specific color for a diamond or sapphire we are happy to help you explore all the options. Please contact us below >

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Please contact us if you are looking for a gemstone within our directory, would like for us to source something for you, or have questions about starting a custom project!