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meet the artist

Kelly Lannen

Kelly Lannen is the artist, designer and goldsmith at 12th HOUSE.

She believes that the mystical resides in us all. Connecting with our magic is a powerful daily ritual. This connection can be strengthened and amplified with the daily ritual of wearing jewelry, one of the most ancient forms of human expression.

The inspiration for her design work is drawn from a deep well of art history and love of learning new languages, most recently the language of astrology and the cosmos.

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psyche and magic

what is the 12th house?

The 12th HOUSE in astrology is the space for your sub-conscious mind, your personal mysticism, a place of symbolism, art and dreams.

We believe that fine jewelry is the bridge between alchemy, fine art and adornment, becoming a wearable touchstone for your sub-conscious mind.

Talisman work is our specialty, crafted with intention and chosen intuitively. Let us help guide you to your perfect talisman.

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lifetime and beyond

objects of intention

Jewelry is an investment in your personal expression and has the potential to amplify your personal magic. Understanding that, the pieces that we make are done so intentionally every step of the way.

With using rigorously fine artistic standards we create these fine jewelry pieces that last a lifetime, not just a season.

Each piece of jewelry is crafted with recycled precious metal alloys and ethically sourced gemstones, created as a vessel for the wearer to pour their magic into.

transparent and responsible


With anything and everything at our fingertips these days, we take the intentional approach and slowly work with building relationships in trade and sourcing materials that align with our personal values and the highest standards.

Our commitment to sourcing the best quality and the most ethical materials is begins with responsible sources and transparency in materials.

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about the artist

A lifelong artist, Kelly studied Fine Art at University of Michigan and was a double major in the School of Art and Design as well as the school of Literature, Science & the Arts with an emphasis in French language and literature.

Upon graduating with her BFA, she was awarded a scholarship to study Sculpture at the prestigious New York Academy of Art, co-founded by Andy Warhol.  Her MFA sculpture thesis project won the Brady Travel Grant for Artistic Excellence, and she was selected to compete in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Contest.

From painstakingly restoring the private Cast Antiquities Collection at the New York Academy of Art, to working as an assistant sculptor to Jeff Koons, these experiences have honed her hand skills and sharpened her eye for design, detail and proportion.  

In her 19 years of working and living in New York City, Kelly had the privilege to work with numerous exhibiting artists and exhibition projects, as well as completing a goldsmithing apprenticeship and graduating from the GIA with her A.J.P. diploma.  

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New York city


The renowned Cast Antiquity Collection of plaster replicas owned by NYAA had extensive damage due to flooding. Kelly was selected as a student within the MFA program to restore and re-sculpt missing pieces.

artist assistant

sculpture painting

2005 became the year of connection as a new sculpture assistant in the legendary 'art factory' of Jeff Koons in Chelsea, NYC. The concentration of intensely skilled artists and craftspeople is second to none; it was an artistic eco system of it's own, a rotating door of painters, photographers, designers and collectors.

the original

moon phase ring

In 2012, Kelly created her first jewelry collection in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. One of her first designs was the Bisclavret Moon phase Ring, depicting a distinct pattern of mirroring crescents with a diamond 'moon'.

That iconic Moon phase ring was first of it's kind, and quickly became a 'must have' ring - putting her fledgling brand on the map.

midheaven collection engagement ring Radiant crescent moon contour ring | black diamonds

formally engaged

Midheaven Collection

Years of designs culminated in the Midheaven Collection, the full expression of the 12th HOUSE vision of mystical fine jewelry.

art & stone setting


Kelly was thrilled to be the stone setter of a few gorgeous sapphires on the stainless steel MOON PHASES PROJECT by Jeff Koons recently shown at Art Basel.

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I love creating one of a kind jewelry as unique as our clients.

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