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one of a kind

line and symbol

literally and metaphysically

about sapphires


Revered as symbols of wisdom, protection, and spiritual enlightenment, these gemstones are believed to stimulate intuition and enhance one's connection to the divine. Whether used in meditation or as personal talismans, sapphires have a profound resonance that transcends the material world.


Comprising the mineral corundum, sapphires gain their enchanting blue color from trace elements of iron and titanium. These precious stones are not only prized for their vivid hues but also for their durability, boasting a hardness second only to diamonds. The formation of sapphires requires specific geological conditions, often taking millions of years as the crystals develop deep within the Earth's crust.

gem origin

In a world where ethical sourcing is of paramount importance, our gem partner stands as a beacon of transparency when it comes to sapphire origin. This dedication to openness not only supports the well-being of miners and the environment but also allows wearers to forge a deeper connection with their jewelry, knowing that it carries not only the beauty of the gem itself but also the integrity of its source.

high vibe

one of a kind

Line + Symbol Amulets are one of a kind pieces made for you to amplify your personal magic. They tell a story of your journey, celebrate personal milestones, and serve as a meditation touchstone or talisman for your vision of the future.

By selecting a high vibe diamond or sapphire from our gemstone directory, you have the option to select one of our distinct Line and Symbol Amulet silhouettes. The gemstone will be set in a one of a kind hand carved setting of your choosing. One that amplifies the natural shape of the gemstone as well as the intention of the wearer.

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amulet magic

Line and symbol project

Line and Symbol is a collection of one-of-a-kind amulets crafted using the principles of sacred geometry, with each piece featuring a uniquely cut sapphire. Made in solid recycled 14k gold, these amulets are not only beautiful but also meaningful, embodying the mystical energy of the universe.

Kelly's expertise in art history, astrology, and the cosmos is reflected in her design work, which draws inspiration from ancient human symbolism. Each amulet is organically handmade, intricately designed to connect the wearer with their personal mysticism.

With Line and Symbol, Kelly provides a one-of-a-kind experience for her clients, offering them the opportunity to own a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful but also imbued with spiritual significance. Her commitment to sustainability, through the use of recycled precious metal alloys and ethically sourced gemstones, is also reflected in this collection.