Diamond Hand Talisman Necklace

A petite right hand, open to the world for giving and receiving... and for whipping up some Magic. 

The Magician is a big dreamer that has an uncanny knack for turning their flights of fancy into charming realities. Their charisma and unique point of view frequently allow them to do the impossible. This archetype creates magic in order to better understand the universe they live in.

This Open Hand diamond necklace is a talisman, aligning with Earth energy, Capricorn vibes, guided by the hand of the divine.   To be worn on it's own or layered with your favorite heirlooms.


⬦  Sculpted in wax and cast in solid 14k yellow gold using the ancient art of lost wax casting

    ⬦  Open hand pendant measures 15mm long by 5mm wide

      ⬦  The loop on the pendant can fit over a 6mm clasp, chain or lock

      ⬦  Can be purchased without a chain, or your choice of 14k gold fine cable chain or our exclusive and versatile 1.95mm charm clasp chain

      adornment that aligns with your energy