literally and metaphysically

what is phenakite

Metaphysically, it is said to be one of the highest vibrational stones. It is primarily associated with 6th & 7th Chakras - Third Eye & Crown.

These stones are from our Brazil mine partner, these come from the Carnaiba Emerald Mining District. These stones are cut in Brazil, they are standard Mine Cuts, more of the old school style of cutting. These are not calibrated to exact measurements and may have minor imperfections.

Gem Quality Phenakite is very rare.

Phenakite (also spelled Phenacite) is a very scarce stone - one of the rarest crystals on earth. For over 15 years our gem partner has sourced the best crystals from around the world. Very little production occurs, with some "large" parcels only containing upwards of a few hundred grams at a time of good crystals depending on the location. Phenakite is a very rare Beryllium Orthosilicate, Be2 SiO4 mineral composition found in high pressure pegmatite veins. 

18k magic

one of a kind

These exceptional gem quality Phenakites are sourced from the renowned Carnaiba Emerald Mining District in Brazil, and set in a bespoke 18K Gold Ouroboros design.

This Phenakite Ouroboros Amulet is crafted for Magic seekers, as phenakite is linked to the crown chakra and is an extraordinary and rare gemstone.

This pendant can serve as a spiritual bridge to heighten one's meditation journey and as an amulet to foster creativity.

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18k gold fine jewelry by 12th HOUSE, phenakite ouroboros amulets and talismans, made for magic seekers