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Article: Exploring North nodes, Eclipses, and Destiny: Fascinating Facts and Spiritual Significance

Exploring North nodes, Eclipses, and Destiny: Fascinating Facts and Spiritual Significance

Exploring North nodes, Eclipses, and Destiny: Fascinating Facts and Spiritual Significance

I love the moments in time when you take a minute to look up and be in absolute awe at the beauty of a lunar eclipse. And, if you follow more closely, being able to see it as a benchmark, a return or release of energy and time. The Moon is something we have reflected upon for millennia. 

There is no better time to get in touch with the Moon and reflect on your life than during an eclipse. 

What Is An Eclipse? 

The Sun and Moon are considered luminaries in the sky and your natal chart. In this physical realm, they are sources of light; in the realm of astrology, they can tell you things about yourself and your future. 

From Earth's perspective, the Sun and Moon appear the same size in the sky. The Sun – because of how far away it is from us – appears small even though it is a massive star. Whereas the Moon, even though it is really small, appears the same size as the Sun because of its proximity to the Earth. 

When these luminaries cross paths on the ecliptic orbit of the Moon, an eclipse occurs. The phenomenon is observed from Earth, and it is either a lunar eclipse, or a solar eclipse. Each are unique and are always a time of change and accelerated energy.

Solar Eclipse Vs Lunar Eclipse 

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the sun, partially obscuring the sun. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth lies between the Sun and Moon which blocks the Sun's rays from reaching the Moon – the Moon can be seen in a red hue when this happens.

Solar eclipses can be further broken down into total and annular. The former is when the Moon completely covers the sun; the latter is when there is still a fiery outer ring which is visible. The type of solar eclipse that occurs depends on the distance between the sun, the Moon, and the Earth. 

The Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses

Eclipses are so much more than dramatic events in the sky. They have significance in astrology and touch on themes such as destiny and fate. 

In astrology, an eclipse ushers in change. When an eclipse happens, shocking truths are uncovered, situations and relationships come crashing down, and new beginnings flourish. 

While this may seem rather chaotic and extreme, it’s needed. These lunar and solar events help us realign with our true paths and get back in touch with our destinies. This is how the universe works for you, not against you.

Solar eclipses always take place on new Moons, while lunar eclipses always take place on full Moons. On November 8th, we have a total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood Moon. This transformative time will happen in Taurus, but impacts every zodiac sign. 

This eclipse is the catalyst for chapters closing. Taurus speaks to abundance, stability, and self-worth. This sign symbolizes our money-making abilities and what makes us feel secure. 

A full Moon is a time of recognizing what is really working, and releasing what’s not. 

When an eclipse happens, the sun, Moon, and Earth are also aligning with two astrologically significant points: The North and South nodes, which are also known as “Lunar Nodes” or the “Nodes of Fate”. These points relate to destiny, karma, and spiritual purpose – this is one of the reasons why eclipses are so spiritually relevant.  

Eclipses and Magic/Energy Work

As tempting as it may be to want to harness the energy of the eclipses for manifesting, most astrologers and practitioners of magic will advise not to manifest or practice any spell work during the times of eclipses.  Not only is the energy a bit chaotic and obscured, but simply because it is a time of accelerated destiny and unfolding.  Intentionally manifesting during the eclipse times could be pulling energy from what is already meant to be.  What could result, unintentionally, is whatever energy you bring in during this time would not be long lasting or perhaps even in your best interest. 

Manifestation work is ideally done during times of clarity, during the regular new moon and full moon rhythms. It has been explained that, metaphysically speaking, eclipses open doors by slamming others close. So it’s a time to pay attention to the changes that happen around you, to be the observer in the flow.  

So what can you do during Eclipses?  There are many self care practices that are beneficial to tap into during eclipse seasons that feel very magical, while still not intentionally changing the energy.  First quite simply  journaling for clarity, writing the who, what, where, why of what is going on in the current moment. Especially if situations feel very muddy at the moment, typically clarity is gained once we are outside of the cycle.  It can be so helpful and clarifying to create a little archive of what has been happening during different transitional periods to reflect back on in the future.  Meditation is another fabulous tool to lean into during eclipse times, to let your mind filter out the noise and let your inner voice speak.  

The North And South Nodes In Your Birth Chart

These nodes are seen in your natal chart as two horseshoe shapes directly across from each other. This signifies the top and bottom of the Moon‘s orbit, or elliptical, when the Moon is at the highest or lowest point during its orbit around the Earth. When the new Moon or full Moon aligns with either point, that’s when an eclipse occurs. 

Your North and South Nodes also hold the key to your destiny on this planet. 

As each node is opposite each other, the zodiac signs associated with them will be opposite, too. For example, if your North Node is in Sagittarius, your South Node will be in Gemini. 

Astrologers use this information to uncover your destiny as well as your past lives. The North Node is all about where you’re heading; the South Node is all about where you’ve been, or your past lives. When you uncover the secrets in these nodes, you’ll uncover what karma needs to be processed and what lessons need to still be learned, and what lessons you’re brought from your past life experiences to help you. 

To calculate your North and South Nodes, all you need is your date and time of birth to plug into an online calculator, like this one

How Eclipses Affect Your Personal Destiny

It’s not a single eclipse that will affect you necessarily, but rather the season. Eclipse seasons are measured in different ways: 

There’s the long-term eclipse cycle, which is when the nodes return to the node position of your birth. For example, right now we are in the eclipse season of Taurus and Scorpio axis – the last time this happened was 18 years ago, a cycle known as a “saros” and also called a Nodal Return. There’s also a nine year cycle called “sar”. This is when the nodes are flipped so the North Node of your birth is aligned with the current South Node, also known as a Reverse Nodal Return. Each eclipse season lasts one and a half to two and a half years, so you can reflect on those periods and assess the changes and growth you experienced. 

Nodal Returns are experienced at ages 18, 37, 55, or 74 – this is a time of moving towards your destiny. During this time, events will push you towards what was fated in your North Node. 

At around the halfway point of your Nodal Return, you will have your Reverse Nodal Return. This is all about rediscovering your South Node and reminding yourself of your past life lessons and gifts. 

If you feel like so many things are shifting for you, it is because an eclipse truly IS a powerful time! Embrace it with the knowledge that all the work you do will bring more light to your dreams and feed your spirit.

The waxing and waning of the Moon, the passage of time, the myths attributed to the phases of the Moon are so potent. 

It is little wonder why the Moon feels part of us – it is our closest reminder of the cosmos beyond our blue sky.

This is one of the reasons why I create mystical expressions through adornment. 

12th House’s Iconic Moon Phase Rings were created to honor our ancient human connection to the Moon. At the center of these rings lies the full Moon, and to put this on full display it’s marked with an ethically sourced diamond; to either side of this diamond are the other phases of the Moon. All of 12th House’s natural diamonds are certified to be fair trade by the Kimberley Process as well as GIA certified. This ring is the perfect reminder to take the messages received through the lunar phases with you as you go about your days.  

Of course, we can’t forget the power of the constellations. A Celestial Zodiac necklace can be a powerful reminder to keep moving towards your destiny. These constellations are perfect for layering up, so add your South Node to remember and honor those past life lessons. 

These pieces, inspired by the cosmos, will connect you to your own inner power and love.

- Kelly

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