Tapered Ceremonial Ring

custom made to order

For those looking for a magical yet classic ceremonial band. This ring is hand made to order, carved from wax in your exact size and cast in gold using the ancient art of lost wax casting.

Create a true 'ring set' with this traditional band style and pair it with a ring from one of our magical collections. We can make them a matching set by casting your rings in gold together, to make them a true matching pair down to the molecule.


⬦  Hand carved from wax in your size, one of a kind

⬦  Tapered band width, 3mm tapers down to 2mm around the bottom

⬦  Shown here in 14k yellow gold, also available in 14k green gold 'Electrum'

⬦  Can be customized further, CONTACT US for more details

ceremonial + celestial adornment Made with intention