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celestial zodiac collection

Zodiac Constellation Necklaces and Zodiac charms are handmade with the finest craftsmanship and materials, they become future heirlooms to treasure for a lifetime and beyond.

cosmic | divine | magical

Celebrate your cosmic connections with hand crafted constellation talisman charms


cosmic partnerships

Create a unique collection of charms for you and yours.

Matching necklaces that represent your bond and reflect your unique personality, through symbolism, special gemstones or constellations.

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a divine

mother's necklace

Build a completely unique Mother's necklace with the star constellations of your little ones. A beautiful gift to honor the newest member of the family, for a new parent or grandparent.

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your big three

magical charm suite

Build a magical charm suite to represent your sun, moon and rising signs. Or represent a special bond between you and another's zodiac sign. There are many ways to layer the star signs...

Discover how your personal astrology translates into a uniquely powerful charmed necklace

read about your sun, moon and rising signs