Manifestor talisman necklace | Emerald

Make your wish and keep it close to your heart. 

We are pure energy beings, and what we set our mind to we achieve. Open and clear your heart for big things to come, wearing this pendant as a touchstone for your wildest dreams.

When you wear this Manifestor Necklace as a talisman, you are aligning with the element of Fire, creative energy and pure Sagittarian vibes.

Hold this pendant as a reminder of the dreams you are building. The feel and reflection of the necklace serves as a reminder to yourself each and everyday to take ACTION towards your big visions. 

Carved from wax and cast in solid gold, set with a natural green emerald which also serves as a small window through the pendant.


⬦  Talisman is made in solid 14k yellow gold, with hand oxidized details

    ⬦  Pendant measures 18mm by 21mm with details on front and back

      ⬦  Natural green emerald is star set on the front of the talisman

        ⬦  Engraved stars detail the back of the pendant, one star has a dainty black diamond set in the center

          ⬦  Can be purchased without a chain, or hung on a gorgeous 14k gold fine cable chain, or with our exclusive and versatile 1.95mm charm clasp chain

          adornment that aligns with your energy